WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Review

When you do not have enough time or energy for cooking, WMF Pressure Cooker Company with their product WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker offers a solution for tasteful and quickly prepared meal. You do not have to spend half of day for home cooked meal because this pressure cooker can decrease the cooking time up to 70%.

WMF company, is a leading pressure cooker brand in the world, has developed the perfect fuse of innovation, style and performance. Creating this master-piece pressure cooker, WMF wanted to change your cooking habits and experience. Manufactured by German high technology standards, this cooker stands out for its safety features and quality of craftsmanship. Easy-to-use design makes it convenient especially for beginners.

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Review

Capacity and Structure

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker has a liquid capacity of 6.5 quarts and falls into the category of medium-sized cookers. The pot’s diameter of 22 cm makes it ideal for cooking whole fresh or frozen food, preserving, juice extracting or sterilizing activities.

WMF Perfect Plus 6-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker is made of heavy-gauge, 18/10 stainless steel. The quality of the material conforms to well-known WMF’s standards and offers durability and great aesthetic. The inside chamber can stand the test of time while polished and shiny exterior give a modern look.

Safety Options

WMF has decided to upgrade the safety features of their products by integrating advanced options for excessive pressure build-up. The safety option is based on audible feature that alerts the need for heat reducing, in case of pressure lifting.

The detachable handles are designed for controlling of lid openings. Black phenolic handles are made to increase comfort and resist very high temperatures.

Trans Therm Feature

This WMF pressure cooker has a Trans Therm base. This favorable technology is designed to equally distribute heat through entire cooker. It also has ability to create and maintain the perfect high-temperature retention.

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

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• The stainless steel material makes it ideal for cooking on all stovetops including induction.
• WMF Perfect Plus 6-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker is designed according to German high-quality technology standards
• The entire structure and well-designed handles help to ease the cleaning and handling
• Great user’s manual with instruction for pressure cooking beginners
• The booklet also includes recipes created by Lorna Sass
• Cooker also includes a perforated insert and trivet


• Price of the WMF pressure cooker is relatively high comparing to other pressure cooker in the range.


WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker offers great design, best material quality and safety features that will not leave you indifferent. German well-known manufacturer WMF invested a lot of effort and knowledge to create perfect pressure cooker that can save your time and money. Although, the high price of this product might be stricture to someone, the amazing value justifies its price.

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