How To Use Your Pressure Cooker To Save More Energy

Pressure-cooking is a simple and time saving process of cooking in a pressure cooker with the help of water or any other cooking liquid. A cooker is a sealed vessel that has become a right hand of any homemaker as it saves lots of time and is energy efficient. pressure cooker and energy savingFirst generation cookers were effective in replacing conventional cooking appliances but second-generation pressure cookers and third generation electric cookers have actually taken over the market in terms of effectiveness.

Pressure cooker and energy saving
Cooking is necessary but a costly activity and every homemaker is looking for ways and means to cut down extra expenses without any effect on making of numerous dishes and health of loved ones. One sure way of doing so are using cooking appliances like pressure cooker that saves consumption of energy and time. Fuel and energy usage during cooking is higher comparatively to other household activities. It has become necessary to reduce the use of excessive energy and in this endeavour; a pressure cooker has revolutionizedthe art of cooking and has become one of the most important member of a kitchen kit.

Reasons for using a pressure cooker

Minimizing demands of energy through conservation is easy and effective means of decreasing household costs. Reasons of using a pressure cooker are as follows-

  • Small changes can make radical difference in saving energy through cooking process. Using pressure cookers are economical as they show tangible results in domestic accounts. Utility bills are of course lower as pressure cookers are tried and tested energy saving utensils that reduces fuel costs by taking lesser time for cooking.
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    Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker

    Using a pressure cooker does not heat up a kitchen in summer unlike conventional cooking where a cook had to switch on the fan as soon as she/he came out of the hot kitchen. This ultimately reduces electricity cost.

  • Usage of a simple and modern cooker reduces consumption of energy by cooking stoves up to 70%. This is why pressure-cooking is fastest and easiest method of cooking.
  • Usingrecently built pressure cooker of latest technology helps in saving energy. The high-tech models are easily available in market and have easy-lock systems and detachable timers that prove a boon for homemakers.
  • It is vital to use timers for quick cooking and energy saving
  • Compared to conventional cooking, pressure-cooking has been acknowledged as green and healthy as it saves vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of food items
  • Cooking in pressure cooker retains the taste and flavour of dish
  • Cooking has become a simpler and energy saving process as a single cooker takes the place of various other utensils that were in use together
  • When a homemaker is in dire need of putting a meal suddenly then her redeeming feature is obviously a pressure cooker as it helps in fast cooking. It is obvious that minimum is the time in cooking and maximum is the energy it saves

How to use a pressure cooker to save energy

pressure cooker and kitchenSome simple and basic steps while using a pressure cooker goes a long way in saving energy and expenses. It has now become necessary to do so for personal gain as money saved is money earned. Following steps are helpful in usage of cooker and saving of energy-

  • While using a pressure cooker for cooking, heat helps in producing steam and this accumulated steam helps in fast cooking of food. It results in saving of both time and energy by a long margin.
  • Lower the flame under a pressure cooker once pressure accumulates in a cooker. This will result in slow and steady cooking that will retain flavour of a dish without hindering its taste and will prove advantageous in energy saving process
  • Some food items like meat take lot of time in cooking. Therefore, it was very difficult to prepare it at regular intervals. Advent of pressure cooker has solved this problem for a homemaker as it has now become possible for her to prepare such dishes without sacrificing ample time. These food items are now cut in an uniform and small sizesso that it take less time in cooking, thus saving excessive use of energy
  • Cookers that have been in use for some time must be in good working order. In order to lower fuel consumption it is important to continue regular check-ups of all its parts specially lid and rubber gasket. Cleaning and maintenance of every part of a pressure cooker is necessary for efficient usage as it ultimately results in saving time and energy
  • In some cookers, there is a provision for using two or more containers inside it at once. This helps in cooking more dishes at a single slot for instance rice is cooked in one container and pulses in another at the same time in a cooker, thus helping in saving fuel and time
  • It is necessary to read and apply instructions in the manual. It will save time and energy if one knows the amount of liquids to use in a cooker

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  1. Great energy saving tips! Planning on purchasing one to make cooking faster and easier but at the same time won’t cost me much on electricity. Thanks for sharing!

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