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Welcome to TheBestPressureCookers.Com, I hope you find something useful with my pressure cooker reviews. Since you are reading this article, it means that you want to improve your cooking skills and get more from your pressure cooker that need “help” from pressure cooker recipe books.

To help you save your time and effort while looking for the best pressure cookbook, I decided to write this article to share with you top 5 pressure cooker books. This top 5 is based on my experience with some books and several hours research on other customer reviews and website reviews.

Take a look and choose the best book for you.

#1 Great Food Fast – Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure Cooker Recipe Book

This book is written in 2012 by Bob Warden, it was 2012 National Bestseller cookbook, and is still the bestseller pressure cooker recipe book on Amazon.

The author, Bob Warden is a famous man in pressure cookery. He is a successful TV cooking show host, product developer, and QVC manufacturers’ representative. He writes this pressure cooking cookbook, Great Food Fast with desire to redefine pressure cooking all over again.

This book has lots of useful tips, delicious recipes and nutritional information. With just $13 for this book, you will find many great things to do with your pressure cooker.

#2  Pressure Cooker Perfection

Pressure Cooker Perfection Recipe Book

If you are a cooking lover, you may know about America’s Test Kitchen. With Pressure Cooker Perfection book from  America’s Test Kitchen and, you will find a brilliant range of recipes that completely use the pressure cooker’s full potential. Just a little thing I don’t really like from this book is some general information about pressure cooker (how they work, step-by-step guide to using them, some pressure cooker reviews,…), they are good for beginners but not really necessary in general, because we can easily found these information from many trustworthy websites on Internet.

What great is that this book contains 100 pressure cooker recipes, and each of them has a full color photo of what the dish looks like and even several small, full-color photos of the different steps in the cooking process. They are really atractive and make the recipes easy to follow.

With this book, I believe that you will get much more use out of your pressure cooker.

#3  Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure Cooker Recipe Books

This pressure cooker recipe book is written by Vickie Smith, she is a pressure cooker expert who is sharing many useful things about pressure cooking through her website And the great thing is that she has gathered her best knowledge about pressure cooker into this book, The Ultimate Pressure Cooker Cookbook.

In this Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes, you will find nearly 400 fast, tasty, foolproof recipes. All recipes are in detailed instructions, you will find her sharing many special techniques.

Besides, this book includes in-depth guidance on choosing and using pressure cooker, some like: very detailed pressure cooker instructions, common mistakes in pressure cookery, pressure cooking safety, basic & advanced pressure cooking techniques,…

This recipe book has everything you could need to do with your pressure cooker. So if you have to choose one pressure cooker book, this is my first recommendation.

#4 Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful

Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful

Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful is a new book written by Laura Pazzaglia (published on September 2, 2014). Laura Pazzaglia is the owner of where she is sharing many great things about pressure cooker here.

This book is easy to use and follow with its very clear-cut categories, you will find recipe categories for soups and stocks, vegetables, eggs, grains, dried beans and legumes, pasta and sauces, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, one-pot meals, desserts…

Beside with over 200 surefire recipes, this book also provides many great tips and tricks for pressure cooking.

If you want to get more from your pressure cooker, I highly recommend that you get this new cookbook, whether you are new to the pressure cooker or a pro.

#5  Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking Under Pressure is written by Lorna J Sass. She have a deep experience with pressure cooker, and her book Cooking Under Pressure was published in 1989 when people were still afraid of it. She is also a widely known as an award-winning cookbook author.

When published, this cookbook became a best-seller with over 250,000 copies in print. The book had 20th-Anniversary with revised edition came out on November 3, 2009.

Cooking Under Pressure (sold at around $15) is the good book for both beginner and experienced pressure cooker user. This book has a wide range of simple to high level recipes helping you to improve your cooking skills. With this book I believe that you will enjoy and feel more comfortable with your pressure cooker.

Besides, you can take a look at “Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure”, another version from the same author for vegetarian, it is great too.


That’s it. I believe every recipe book from this Top 5 Pressure Cooker Recipe Books is a great choice for your pressure cooking, all you need is just to check out a little more to find out the most suitable for your own need.

3 thoughts on “Best Pressure Cooker Books – Top 5 Cookbooks

  1. I enjoyed reading about you five best pressure cooking cookbooks. I have been on the web for over an hour and am getting a little frustrated on trying to fine a recipe book in SPANISH. Do you have a recommendation? If so, modify your 5 best books, if one can be had in Spanish, to indicate such. And better yet, in both English and Spanish.
    Thanks much,

    1. Oh sorry, I have no idea about pressure cooker book in Spanish. I did some searches on Amazon but didnt see any good result. Please try to Google with your language, maybe you will have better results. Thank you for stopping by! Good luck ^^

  2. I bought the Power Pressure Cooker XL.
    I want to know The one best Pressure Cook book to get that will
    Go with it.and If one book says 20 minutes for Macroni for 4Lbs if you cut recipe
    Down to 2Lbs would you still. Cook the Lesser amount do you still use same amount of time as for 4Lbs?As recipes in that Book that comes with it it for large
    Amounts.and One of me is to much.You Call them And Nobody Knows any thing Even tho they sale that cooker.I am new at this.It comes with a book but not many recipes.all comments say it is great cooker.So I want a book that I can cook ever thing from I do know some times the most expensive Book does not mean the Best I want to be able to under stand what I read.Please be Honest
    With me.

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