Stovetop vs. Electric Pressure Cookers

The pressure cooker is revolving by the day, and there is a lot to look out for in the stovetop vs. electric pressure cookers. The stovetop pressure cooker has been for time in the market, while revolving with modifications coming from various companies. The electric pressure cooker is the most revolved pressure cooker. We are comparing the two, in terms of modifications and the ability to perform better.

Stovetop vs electric pressure cooker
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Cooking Time

When comparing the electric pressure cooker to the stovetop, the cooking time is one factor to consider. When using the electric pressure cooker, I will take a little more time, to get heated and to get enough pressure. This is because the stove top uses direct heat, while the electric pressure cooker uses a certain coil underneath. Once the electric cooker has enough pressure, it will take more time, and then the stove top will take to cool off. This is mainly because the electric one has better insulation. Once you have turned it off, the coil will also take a little more time to cool off, thus making cooking of hard dried foods better and more efficient. However, for foods that will take 11 minutes to cook on the stove top pressure cooker to cook, it will take the electric cooker 14 minutes to cook.

High Pressure

The technology used to make the pressure-cooking more possible is by using the high temperature pressure to penetrate the foods in the pot to cook them faster. The electric pressure cooker is more advanced when it comes to high pressure. The technology that has been used for the electric cooker is more advanced when compared to the stove top. When the pressure cooker has high pressure, it will take lesser time to cook foods, while the stove top will require having more time to get foods cooked through.

Heat Regulator

Heat regulation can be very difficult when using the stovetop pressure cooker. This is more difficult for a person learning how to use a pressure cooker. When using the pressure cooker, ensure that you have guidance on how to regulate the pressure, for various types of foods you have to cook on various times. Fr the electric pressure cooker, you do not have to struggle. All you need to do is set the heat of the pressure cooker, and then have great cooking time. This is easy to use for beginners, who do not have a clue on the heat regulation.


The safety of your pressure cooker is very important to consider. This will help n reducing accidents in the kitchen, which will mainly involve burns. The safety of the stove top cooker will be seen through the safety valves that will release the excess pressure that is in the cooker. Depending on the manufacturer, there will be various valves from which the pressure can be released. There are dormant valves that will activate and release pressure once the main valve fails and you forget to reduce pressure. For the electric cooker, safety is offered through a primary valve for pressure, while the regulator is automatic, to reduce the pressure. The cooker acts by lowering the main cooking pot, down the main pressure cooker to increase more space that can be occupied by pressure. The cooker also has the ability to switch to ‘keep warm’ with the food in the pressure cooker to avoid getting them burnt. In cases where all the measures will not work, the electric pressure cooker will disconnect from the main source of power, to avoid any further uncontrolled heating.

Cooking Functions

Stovetop vs electric pressure cooker - Cooking FunctionsThere are various cooking functions that can be performed by the stovetop pressure cooker. This can be done without the need to have a pressure cooking lid. However, for the electric cooker, it does not have the ability to cook any other types of foods. Though with the latest version, you are able to sauté foods. It also provides other slow cooking methods, including yoghurt making process.


Storing the stovetop cooker is normal, as you would with other types of pots. The electric cooker requires special care, storage away from other pots, and in a place with enough space. The cooker should also be placed on a counter top that has no boards on top those are the main differences of the stovetop vs. electric pressure cookers

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  1. What is the difference between a electric pressure cooker and a Insta pot. Can you use them interchangeable or do you need both?

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