Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker – Review and Deal

About Fissler Pressure Cooker

Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker
Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker

One of the Top Brands for pots and pans in the world is the Fissler Brand.  Founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler the company strives to improve their brand still. The Fissler company has over 165 years of experience with the cooking industry under their belt. Bringing easy use, and the most compatible cook ware in the world.

The Fissler company started its focus on pots and pans back in 1892 after switching from a pluming & fitting company to cook ware. Their focus still today is customer satisfaction when it comes to the top pressure cookers, pots, and pans around. The company prides itself in creating the environment for their employees to promote new and creative ideas to improve both their products and services.

Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker

The Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker is a premium pressure cooker for both beginners and esperts. Made in Germany the Fissler pressure cooker has a thick bottom which helps prevent scorching and a perforated insert with tripod. This amazing cookware allows you to use it on any stovetop without damage or ruining your dinner.

This pressure cooker can be used with gas, electric, glass ceramic, and even on an induction stovetop.  It”s brilliant design is a combination of both stainless steel and aluminum making it easy to clean and use.

Main Features:

When you are searching for the right type of cookware for your kitchen you want the best. Fissler’s premier pressure cookers are excellent when it comes to your cooking needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert this cookware gives you the best choice, and price for the quality.
Below are some of their great main features.Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker
– Light weight 5lbs.
– Stainless steel & aluminum design
– Thick bottom for reduced scorching
– Universally compatible (Gas, Electric, Glass ceramic, and induction)
– Dishwasher safe
– Made in Germany

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There are several advantages to getting a fissler pressure cooker. When you are looking to cook your meals you want it done quickly and cooked right. Fissler products come with a limited lifetime warranty to help protect the consumer. In addition Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker are dishwasher safe to help you with clean up and a thick design to help ease the cooking process. Below are more advantages to using this pressure cooker.

– Easy grip handles
– Light weight for easy movement
– Quart size larger – to hold more (8.5)
– Stainless steel & Aluminum
– Dishwasher safe for easy clean up
– Long warranty
– 165 years of experience
– Compatible with all ranges/stovetops
– 2 Level Indicator (7.5 & 15 psi)


As with all products there are always a disadvantage or two. While this is a premier Fissler pressure cooker they strive to eliminate all disadvantages of their cookware. Below are a few of the disadvantages of Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker.

– Height of the pressure cooker (Requires at least 16” from range)
– Have been reports of valve problems
– High quality goes with high price
Just remember with all products there are some issues or disadvantages but the Fissler Premier pressure cooker is well worth the disadvantages. Overall this is an exceptional product and worth the price in both quality and reliability.

Note: Additional Perks
An exceptional advantage of Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker is that it is dishwasher safe. Many pressure cookers out there do not have the ability to be washed in the dishwasher and in fact state on the product that it is to be hand washed due to the possibility of damage. But the Fissler brand strives to ensure that there is complete customer satisfaction.

Final Words

So if you are looking for a great pressure cooker that will be an added asset to your kitchen Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker is your choice. It can make cooking easy, and fun. Whether you are a beginner or an expert the this Fissler pressure cooker can make your dinner experience a great one. If you want to explore your chief’s side take the time to explore Fissler Vitaquick 8.5 Quart Pressure Cooker.

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