Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology

Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6 Quart, Black

If you look for a pressure cooker which is able to make diverse foods with reasonable price, we introduce you Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavour Infusion Technology 6 Quart. Actually, we have to say, it is not one of the best as well as the most highly recommended product in the market. However, with good price of it, the cooker receives a lot of attentions from customers. Therefore, we got a lot of requirements from customers on reviewing this product. So, here we are!Power Pressure Cooker XL

Product description

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In general, Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6 Quart is featured with infusion technology, which help cook food 70% faster than traditional cooker and maintain all the nutrients and moisture as well as hold up the flavor of the food.

It contains multiple function buttons including Slow Cook, Keep Warm, Time Delay, etc.

Buying this pressure cooker, you will receive some bonuses including Power Cooking Recipe Book, Canning Guide, measuring cup and ladle, condensation collector, steamer tray.


Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology is really good at its functions as its advertisement. It can be used to make multiple different foods, from steam rice to cook meat, fish, vegetable and soup. Comparing to traditional cooker, it is way much more convenient, amazing and effective. Especially, the foods will come out more delicious and flavor than ever.

With innovative technology, it allows you to cook food up to 70% faster than traditional cookware while keeping all the taste and nutrition of those foods. You will be able to prepare a perfect meal in a very short time without working so hard.

The Infusion technology will help to trap the heat and liquid and moisture inside the pot, which make your foods never too dry and burned in the bottom of the pot. That’s why all the flavors and nutrients will be kept inside the food. Besides, the instruction of usage is set up very clearly on the cover of the cooker. There are buttons with different functions, including Delay/Timer, Canning/Preserving, Soupistew, Slow Cook, Riceirisotto, Time Adjustment, etc. Especially, the “Keep Warm” function is really helpful for anyone want to keep food warm for long time.

And last but not least, the elegant design on the pressure cooker can make your kitchen more beautiful. And also the stainless steel cover outside and the pot inside are both really easy to wash and clean up.

You can take a closer look at this pressure cooker by watching the video below:


On a lot of online reviewing websites such as Amazon, Highya, etc., customers have plenty of opinions about Power Pressure Cooker XL, including a lot of negative reviews. The product just got 3.5 out of 5 stars on rating by customers on Amazon.

Most of the complaints are about poor customer service of the manufacturer and very long shipping time. The bad customer services include being unable to answer customer’s questions about the product, delay in turning back product process, no response to email, duplicate charges, etc. A lot of buyers stated that it takes 10 weeks for the Pressure cooker to be delivered to them (while normal shipping time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks). And some users also complain that they receive the wrong product and when they give it back for the true one, they have to pay for shipping back charge.

Some customers also give feedbacks about terrible quality of the product. They said they are very disappointed about its poor performance such as it burns at the bottom in the inner pot, it is not too good at keeping pressure and heat, and it is not as fast as expected, etc. These cons happen to a great number of this cooker, but not all. And to be honest, these faults somehow are result of not reading guild books before using of customers. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary mistakes, users should read the instructions carefully before starting to cook.


In general, Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6 Quart is not in our top pressure cookers, especially if comparing to other high-quality products on the market. Here is our suggestion: with the same price, you should spend your time reading more about other pressure cookers, then depend on your own need to make decision. All I want is to help you have your best choice.

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3 thoughts on “Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology

  1. I received the Power Pressure Cooker XL Plus for Christmas, I had never used a pressure cooker, I tried it after I read everything really liked how it cooked. My biggest problem with it that every time I use it after it cooks and goes to warm and I release pressure I wait about 2 hours to try to get lid released it doesn’t release so I have to unplug it and wait another hr then it finally releases,called cs and reported it and they weren’t all that helpful plus had a hard time understanding them. Then last week I cooked a pot of chili beans was up to 3:00 am and still couldn’t get lid off,went to bed got when got up lid still wouldn’t release so I called and they told me what to do and if that doesn’t work call them back and they would replace it, it still didn’t work called cs and they sent me return label,there was never any mention of sending any money. When I called to tell them I had return label and I had to find a box, it was taking time as I am handicapped and I would send it back as soon as I could, then I was told I had to send $25.00 with it, I’m not complaining about the $25.00 it’s just that I’m on a fixed budget and they should of told me up front.As much as I paid for it and the trouble I had getting it and the trouble I have had with it, I won’t buy another item from them.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I believe that you will have better choices when buying pressure cookers in the future.

  2. Used ours twice. Had issues with it not cooking like the book said it would even when I followed the steps exactly to include getting the exact cut of meat. Then when I tried to use it the third time, it just wouldn’t come on. Called customer service and was told that it was past the warranty period and since we hadn’t purchased the extended warrenty that they couldn’t help. So we ended up with a very expensive decoration.

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