How To Keep Your Cooker Clean And Maintenance Free

Relationship between kitchen and pressure cooker

Creation of pressure cooker has taken cooking to next levels as food items prepared in a cooker taste much better because they are able to retain their natural nutrients. It has become possible to preserve flavors of every delicacy so that each taste can be savored and relished. Conventional methods of cooking are no longer an option as pressure cooker has played a huge role in saving ample cooking time.

Introducing the concept and origin of pressure cooker

pressure cooker and kitchenA pressure cooker is an airtight pot, where the inside steam builds pressure that in turn helps in cooking food at a faster pace.Each one of us has a memory of awakening from the screeching of a pressure cooker, inside a kitchen. We have taken its use as granted but it was not always so.

During seventeenth century, Denis Papin, French by birth, introduced world to the revolutionary notion of pressure-cooking.  Although a cooker has retained its basic concept of operation but still has gone through considerable modifications. It took a considerable time for masses to understand its theory and accept it in day-to-day activities. A cooker is a homemaker’s delight as it can cook almost everything in very few minutes, while preserving most of the minerals and vitamins in food items.

Safeguards and precautions

Now days a cooker is available easily in a consumer market in many sizes and designs to meet innumerable requirements of consumers. Although everyone is able to handle a cooker easily but it is sensible to go through its safety measures for better and safe handling. Following are some important guidelines necessary for safety measures.

  • It is practical to go through the available booklet with the cooker so that basic concept for its use and safety are followed
  • Extreme caution is prudent as sometimes excessive pressure in a cooker can burst it and thus lead to severe damages in the vicinity

Why is it important to clean and maintain the actual condition of a pressure cooker?

Healthy cooking and fast services are the norm of today’s work culture. A pressure cooker surely gives ample credence to this theory by becoming a compulsory addition to every kitchen.  It is imperative that some time is spent on its cleaning and maintenance because of following reasons-

  • If a pressure cooker, after every use, is not cleaned thoroughly, then chances are that some food particles are left inside. During next usage, these leftovers mix with current food items, thus contaminating it to some extent.
  • Washing and rinsing a cooker with gentle hands will spare any damage to a cooker thus saving maintenance money.

Five steps to clean your pressure cooker

clean your pressure cookerOne must follow some simple and basic steps so that it becomes easier to clean a pressure cooker because cleanliness is a requisite of every kitchen. Some of them are as follows-

  • Wash cooker in lukewarm water with a mild dish-soap and after thorough rinsing, wipe it dry. Give special attention to the aluminum-based cookers that become eroded if not properly dried.
  • Handle sealing ring ofa pressure cooker gently by washing and rinsing it without undue stretching.
  • With help of a cleaning brush, it becomes easier to clean areas between lid handle and the cooker’s lid. Now days various reputed companies allot their own cleaning brush with a cooker for long lasting.
  • Steam vent is a central part of any cooker and it is prudent to wash it regularly under running water so that clogged particles loosens and cleans away.
  • It is not advisable to place a pressure cooker in a dishwasher as rough handling might damage the various parts in lesser time-period.

Five steps to keep your cooker maintenance free

the best pressure cookerIn these modern times, it is difficult to imagine cooking without a pressure cooker. Besides cleaning, it has become equally important to take active part in its maintenance and some vital steps in this direction are as follows-

  • A pressure cooker is a long lasting utensil and hence it is worthwhile to buy a reputed and branded item.
  • It is advisable to buy a cooker with an ISI mark as these cookers have successfully passed through safety-regulatory bodies.
  • A good cleaning brush is a necessity and it is imperative to find a non-abrasive scrubber or cleanser for daily maintenance.One sure way to maintain the life of a cooker is to dry it with a cotton cloth after a proper rinse.
  • Many reputed brands are supplying various cleaning tools with a pressure cooker and one must buy and use these products so that proper maintenance becomes possible.
  • If a cooker is used several times then it is better to store it in a cupboard with inverted lid on the cooker. For infrequent usage, it is better to place it in a safe place after thorough cleaning and drying.

It is impossible to imagine a single household without a pressure cooker in its kitchenette. Modern cookers are easily capable of multi-tasking as they perform several roles of boiling, steaming and cooking. They are no longer plain to look at with simple basic features, instead have added features, timesaving properties and trendy looks.

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