How Does a Pressure Cooker Works?

Once you buy your own, you need to know how a pressure cooker works. A pressure cooker is mainly used to cook, in a fast way this will be time and energy saving. The most popular foods cooked using a pressure cooker includes water or broth, since you have to keep the lid tightly closed. It would important to ensure there is enough water with the food in the pressure cooker to ensure proper cooking.

Learning of all the features of the pressure cooker is the first step to understanding how a pressure cooker works. The pressure cooker has a lid that closes tightly thus no pressure will escape. Once the pressure has been built up, there is an escape hole at the top of the lid that will help to reduce the pressure. Pressure is in excess when the water in the pot starts to boil. The boiling water has a limit of 212F, even when the water continues to boil the temperature cannot exceed this. The water will evaporate to become steam.

Since the pressure cooker has the ability to sustain high temperatures, the water is able to penetrate through the foods, to make them softer and cooker much faster. If you need to boil meat to make it tender, it can be best with the pressure cooker.

How does a pressure cooker works

Parts of a pressure cooker

The pressure cooker consists of many parts that make it possible for food to cook faster.

+ Lid

With the tightly closing lid, the pressure contained inside will transfer the heat to the surface of the foods inside the pressure cooker that may not have been submerged in water. The lid of every pressure cooker uses the bayonet-style of closing. The lid closes this way by pushing by the side of the pot. If this is destroyed, the pressure cooker cannot be effective in serving its purpose. There are other designs that will include the use of bolts on the outside to close the pressure cooker tightly.

+ Valve

It is an opening on top of the lid that helps in removing the excess pressure. It works with the help of a spring, which helps to lift it, to remove the excess pressure. Once the water inside the pressure cooker boils, it creates pressure which pushes the valve up, and creates a sound. Once the pressure has come out and has reduces, it is not able to push up the valve anymore. The valve also acts as a regulator of the pressure, so that it may not exceed and lead to over pressurizing. This will keep to a temperature of 121C.

+ Ring

This is a rubber ring that is found round the lid. It is used to help tighten the lid together with the pot. This will prevent the pressure from escaping between the lid and the pot. It is important to ensure that you have cleaned the ring well, and positioned it well so that it closes well.

+ Handle

The handle also helps in locking the pressure cooker, when it is in use. This will help to keep any dangers away since the hot pressure can cause burns to a person.

How does pressure cooker work
Pressure cooker diagram (Source: Promotion)

How to use the pressure cooker

Anyone who needs to use the pressure cooker, it is important to consider a few factors. This will include the factors that pressure has to be created and this has to come out of water for this matter, you need to ensure that you put in enough water so that the contents may be able to boil in well, create enough pressure for quicker cooking. When using heat, ensure that you do not use heat that has high flames; this is not recommended for the pressure cooker, instead having low flames and ensure the cooking is consistently done.

When making any meal with the pressure cooker, it is important to remember to put all the ingredients in the pot before closing it. Once you have done this, the flavors will blend in well, to create the perfect broth with tasty and tender food.

Foods suitable for pressure cooking

When using the pressure cooker, it would be important to consider the foods that are best cooked using a pressure cooker, and those that might not have best results. This will depend on how the pressure cooker works. The best foods to cook in a pressure cooker will include;

  • Broths
  • Curries
  • Meat
  • Dried cereals

Within a short time, you will have the best results with tender results. Choose the best cooking time for every dish that you need to make. This will be in hand with the amount of pressure and the heat that will be best to make the dish ready.

Safety measures

When using a pressure cooker, precaution has to be taken. Most people in the past may have experienced exploding, which comes as a result of dry boiling, and the pressure ventilation blocking. This can be avoided by purchasing a pressure cooker that has multiple outlets of pressure, in case the main ventilation is not working. When preparing any type of foods, ensure that the contents does not exceed ¾ of the pressure cooker. This is because it is against the instructions of using a pressure cooker. Adding a little oil to the cooking food to reduce foam can also reduce the level of the liquid.

Burns are the most common danger encountered by anyone using a pressure cooker. If you need to open it, ensure that the flame has been put out, and the steam has been removed from the ventilation hole completely.

This way, you will have the best cooking time with your pressure cooker.

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