Are you looking for the best pressure canner? This article and other pressure canner reviews in this website will help you to find out the perfect pressure canner for your own needs.

As you know, home canning is becoming very trendy again. Many people are looking for a pressure canner to suit their needs. However, it’s not easy at all to find the right pressure canner, especially for beginners, because we can easily be overwhelmed by the various types and sizes of pressure canner out there.

We will help you! This article cover all the basic information you need to know about pressure canners, and top 3 best pressure canners with detail reviews to help you save time & effort choosing the best canner.

Before we discuss more about pressure canner, let’s take a look at top 3 pressure canners at the moment. This list is a great reference for you when you want to buy a pressure canner

⇢ Top 3 Best Pressure Canners

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What is Pressure Canner and What to Use Pressure Canner for?

A pressure canner or it is often called pressure canner and cooker is a large cooking pot that is used to pressure can and preserve foods at home. We can also use pressure canner to cook various foods as using pressure cooker. Pressure canner cooks foods under regulated pressure that can kill bacteria and remove the air present in the canning jars to safely preserve safely preserve and seal foods. Pressure canner is the only safe way to can and store most low acid foods, include: vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry, dairy products,…

Pressure canners are designed for stove-top use and have a tight locking lid, a relief valve and pressure gauge. The pressure gauge is important, it allows you to monitor the pressure level during the canning process so you can adjust the heat to maintain the recommended pressure to safely cook.

The pressure canner is a great equipment that can make your cooking a quick and easy process. Owning a pressure canner help you to can foods or preserve low acid foods quickly and easily. Buying a pressure canner is really a smart investment.

Best Pressure Canner Reviews
All American 921 and Presto 01781 Pressure Canner/Cooker


Why Use Pressure Canner

Pressure canning is a safe and economical method of preserving low acid foods which people, especially home gardeners have used for decades. With a pressure canner you can completely control the quality of the storage food for your family.

best pressure canner
All American Pressure Cooker Canner

Pressure canning is a method of preserving food, which can heat up to at least 240 degrees F, higher heat than water bath canning method. Pressure canning utilizes pressurized steam to reach this high temperature that can kill all bacteria. Surely, canning foods using pressure canner is the only safe method of preserving low acid foods (it is also recommended by United States Department of Agriculture). Low acid food types here includes: meats, all vegetables, seafood, poultry, tomatoes, dairy products. Be sure to use pressure canners for canning these foods, if not, you may risk food born bacteria, making your foods unsafe to use.

Beside, better and better pressure canners are produced  more often. They are higher quality as well as safer and easier to use. Having a pressure canner, you also have great, tested and approved recipes to follow to cook and can for your family yourself.

Benefits of Pressure Canner

Quick and easy food preparation: using a pressure canner can reduce your cooking time when preparing any types of food. Pressure canner cooks foods faster and use less liquid. Most pressure canners only takes one-third to one-tenth of the time required by traditional cooking methods.

pressure canner reviews
Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker

Retains and preserves most of the nutrients of foods: the process of pressure cooking preserves most of the nutrients contained in vegetables, legumes and other foods. You can get more nutritional when eating foods that are pressure canned than those cooked by conventional cooking methods.

Suitable for canning and preserving foods:  pressure canner help you to prepare quick and convenient meals for using at a later date, you can preserve your foods by using your pressure canner to cook them in canning jars.

Other benefits:

– Controlled pressure, pressure can be adjusted and maintained
– Speedy cooking, less cooking time
– Can cook variety of food
– Safer than pressure cooker
– Saves energy
– Does not heat up kitchen area
– Can be used to preserve food

Factors to Consider While Choosing Pressure Canner

With many options available in the market, you should be careful to make the right choice and only choose the best pressure canner that suit your personal needs.

One of the foremost factors to consider while making a choice and buying a pressure canner is that of the cost and compare the cost with the available budget and spending anticipated. Presto and All American are top brands in the market. You will easily see that Presto pressure canner is cheaper than All American. Of cource, they have different features and their own advantages. So, what you need to do is rely on your own needs, do research on product features and read more pressure canner reviews to make the best choice.

Another factor to consider is that of the capacity and mass of food that the canner supports, which is necessary to pre plan before buying the canner. For home use, pressure canners from 16-quart to 23-quart have been found most satisfactory. While larger pressure canners are available, they are often too heavy and awkward to handle. Smaller size (below a 14-quart capacity) are generally intended for cooking rather than canning.

Most pressure canners are either made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type. Aluminium is more affordable than stainless steel, but because it is a light weight material, tends not to last as long as the stainless steel. Stainless steel pressure canner is extremely durable. However, stainless steel isn’t the best conductor of heat, whereas aluminium is great at it. It depends on your need. But, if you plan to use this model for years, I highly recommend you to get the one that made of stainless steel or at least go for the heavy cast aluminum.

#Customer reviews
One more important thing you need to take a look at is customer reviews. It is always a good idea to check out customer reviews before buying a product. These reviews will help you to have a closer look at product and its features. You can also learn a lot from other customers, their comment and discusion about using the product.
Read other customer reviews for the top rated pressure canner at Amazon

#Other features to look for
Automatic pressure release, pressure gauge is easy to read, not require rubber seals or gaskets… are something you need to look for in a pressure canner.


Finally, I would like to thank for your reading this guide to choose the best pressure canner. I hope that this article and our pressure canner reviews are useful for you in choosing the most suitable model for you and your family. Today, canning pressure cooker is very popular and beneficial. Make a choice to day and I am sure that you will be happier to have one in your kitchen.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pressure Canner

  1. My need for a pressure canner is driven by the success i have had in my garden in the past couple of years and giving it away still the amount of waste was as i am sure any gardener has experienced. After much research i think i have decided on the All American 930 as the dimensions of the 921 given here and on the Wafco website ore carton dimensions and every other place i have looked at the weight difference the weights given are for the carton and not the bare unit. This i think is kind of important because the actual footprint of the 921 is almost exactly the same as the 930 which has an inside diameter .25″ larger than the 921 and the actual unit weight the 921 weighing 17.75lb while the 930 is 21.25 the difference being just 3.5lb. The way i figure it i may not need the extra capacity, but it will be nice to have the option however the real deciding factor is the robust handles on the 930 that as far as i have seen are the best available. So i get it the model is costly and 4″ taller than the 921 and the stainless models are likely more cost effective easier to clean and store. The bottom line for me is no gaskets and extra capacity if needed, but the handles well no pressure cooker full or even half full is going to be heavy and cumbersome. One issue for me and a lot of people is however going to be weight and in my case a ceramic flat stove and while i have used a very large stainless 25qt pasta pot and know the weight will be ok as long as i dont push that limit however i am going to have to use an 11″ steel disc made for induction stove in order to avoid heat retention and overlap and the fact that the pot lacks a flat bottom. As far as i can tell the stove seems to be the biggest issue when deciding to start canning and i suppose worst case if i need to go full batch i might have to move the operation to a outdoor propane burner. Defiantly going to be an adventure.

  2. The only problem I have with the product is it is made of aluminum. I can’t use it with my induction cookware. Wish the company would make a model suitable for induction cookware.

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