10 Things You Should Remember When Using Pressure Cooker

Here are some general guidelines to using your pressure cooker but as always read your owner’s manual:

1. Always check your pressure cooker for dents and cracks when purchasing. These can cause the unit to malfunction and release hot steam.

2. Buy a new one and skip the one you find at a garage sale. You want the latest technology.

the best pressure cooker3. Before using your pressure cooker each time make sure all the old food has been thoroughly cleaned out to ensure a proper seal.

4. Follow the manual for preparing food and use it above your recipe guides in case they have missed a step or the recipe is using a different style of cooker.

5. Every recipe will call for a different amount of liquid, but it is always important to have liquid inside as it is the steam that helps cooks the food.

6. Timing is essential when using a pressure cooker so take the timesrecommended in recipes with a grain of salt and keep an eye on your pressure cooker. Make notes about how cooked the food was in comparison to the recipe’s recommendation.

7. Always make sure to lock your lid at the recommended time and according to the manual.

8. Release the pressure according to the recipe or (you guessed it) the owner’s manual. If you decide to use what’s called the cold water release method just make sure not to do it with an electric pressure cooker to avoid electrocution.

9. Ensure all the pressure has been properly released before lifting the lid. Those guidelines sound more like diffusing a bomb, but it is important to be safe. If we were talking about making smoothies, a person would have to mention not to stick your hand inside while it is running. Never assume the obvious.

how to choose the best pressure cookerI personally love using my pressure cooker, especially for making vegetarian or bean based meals as they seem to cook better than when I use a slow cooker. There is also the speed of a pressure cooker which is the main reason I bought mine. I can start the meal at 5 p.m. and we are all eating by 6: 00 p.m.

The beauty of a pressure cooker is it can also be used as a regular pot, just don’t seal down the lid. That is why you will see some recipes telling you to cook something in the pot before placing the lid on which can be confusing at first. Most people assume it is like a slow cooker where you put in the ingredients and then put the lid on but that isn’t always the case. So if you have been holding off using a pressure cooker due to its reputation just know it is as safe as any appliance when used properly. It makes a much better wedding present than those darn bread makers too! I hope you enjoy the recipes inside this book and in the whole series.

Now let’s get to eating!

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This article is from: Wilson, Charity PRESSURE COOKER COOKBOOK: Vol. 2 Even More Dinner & Dessert Recipes

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